Ekol Hukuk has been offering, consultancy services to both real and legal persons in the areas of Public-Private Partnerships, International Arbitration, Litigation, Real Estate, Merger & Acquisition and also introduces comprehensive legal solutions in the areas of Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Law of Execution, Energy Law, Administrative and Tax Law, Banking and Finance. In addition to that, Ekol Lawfirm is honoured to provide legal support to Turkey’s financially and administratively large-scale projects.

Ekol Lawfirm renders legal services to international investors and major Turkish companies in every area of law. It also extends its work and gives complete and qualified legal services to world’s most distinguished financial companies and institutions via its partnerships located in Europe, Asian Pacific, North America, Africa and Middle East.

Since 2009, we have been operating our head office at Istanbul World Trade Center. Since its establishment, Ekol Lawfirm has rapidly grown and ranked among one the most paramount and reputable law offices. Over the years, Ekol Lawfirm has continued to expand the scope and the frame of its services.

Ekol Lawfirm provides its services through the following departments:

  1. International Law Department
  2. Litigation & Consultancy
  3. Operation Department
    • • Litigation and Criminal Law for Institutions
    • • Enforcement
    • • Call Center

Our office, in rendering these services to its clients, utilizes the most advanced infrastructure systems and the latest updated technical equipment which is what a contemporary law office would require.


We aim to become a pioneer legal community that promptly offers legal services required by our clients or predicted by us with the utmost quality and professionalism.

Our Goals:

  • Be regardful to International legal ethics, Judicious, Rigtheous and Result-oriented
  • Ensuring client satisfaction; being in remedial, pioneer, innovator, and the most prestigious law offices in the World.
  • Rendering legal services to its local and international clients utilizing the most advanced infrastructure systems and the latest updated technical equipment which is what a contemporary law office requires
  • Bringing a new point of view to 21st Centruy’s legal intellection, by managing a successful syntheses of conventional and contemporary law
  • Provide legal services in view of social responsibilities and contribute to society in where we live


  • Bearing in mind the superiority of the law, we provide permanent solutions to the disputes that our clients might possibly confront and satisfy our clients’ needs through a professional approach.
  • Protecting client’s confidential personal data by law and ensure the utmost client gratification
  • With Reference of client pleasure, meet and serve new clients in our legal community
  • Come up with solutions for our clients’ debt and rights with least legal expense but in a rapid and effective way
  • In order to accurately, promptly and reliably inform our clients of all legal procedures, we effectively make good use of technology
  • Being a pioneer in the field of law by an innovative approach
Ekol Lawfirm’s professional team consists of attorneys and counselors committed to this vision and mission.